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Loadmaster® Footlocker

Loadmaster® Footlocker

  • 25x17 - 12" Height
  • 25x17 - 16" Height add $0.77
  • 25x17 - 20" Height add $5.99
  • 33x21 - 12" Height add $155.09
  • 33x21 - 16" Height add $165.40
  • 33x21 - 20" Height add $190.30

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Keep Gear Organized and Secure

Whether for military transit or a weekend camping trip, the Loadmaster® Footlocker from ECS Case delivers. These rugged footlockers have sturdy trays to protect gear on the move. Weather and rough terrain are no match for our durable designs proven in military deployments worldwide. Factory direct and proudly made in the USA with quality you can count on.
Loadmaster® Footlocker Cases are completely modular in all dimensions. Case dimensions change length and width in 4.2-inch increments and height in 4-inch increments. Shipping cases of different sizes securely stack and interlock in any grouping for maximum stacking efficiency.

Loadmaster® Footlocker Case
Footlocker Case
Sell Sheet

Standard features include:

  • Sturdy, reinforced removable trays
  • Large lower storage area
  • Padlock-ready security hasp
  • Field replaceable casters included on all large footlockers (33")

  • Ergonomic field replaceable polymer handles
  • Watertight gasket
  • Black oxide stainless steel field-replaceable hardware

  • Automatic pressure relief valve
  • Available Colors: Black, Gray, Flat Dark Earth, Desert Tan and Olive Drab Green
  • Specialty Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, White and Green

For quantity pricing or custom designs 541-476-8871

US Patent 7,537,119/RE44/656

Tags: military, locker, camping, sports, outdoor, tucker, transit, container, kit, expedition, trek

Quick Specs

Loadmaster® Rotomold Case Colors    
Desert Tan   23531 12000372
Olive Drab   34088 12000217
Gray   26231 12000251
Black   --- 12000208
Earth   30277 12000373
Red   11310 12000383
White   --- 12000212
Orange   22246 12000385
Yellow   13591 12000382
Green   --- 12000218
Blue   --- 12000384
For quantity pricing or custom colors call 541-476-8871.

US Patent 7,537,119/RE44/656

Footlocker Case Sizes

Series Outside Dimension
Length x Width x Height
Inside Dimension
Length x Width x Height
Small Footlocker
  LMFL2517-12 25" x 16.6" x 12" 22" x 13.6" x 10.5 25
  LMFL2517-16 25" x 16.6" x 16" 22" x 13.6" x 14.5 27
  LMFL2517-20 25" x 16.6" x 20" 22" x 13.6" x 18.5 30
Large Footlocker
  LMFL3321-12 33.4" x 20.8" x 12" 30.4" x 17.8" x 10.5 36.6
  LMFL3321-16 33.4" x 20.8" x 16" 30.4" x 17.8" x 14.5 39.6
  LMFL3321-20 33.4" x 20.8" x 20" 30.4" x 17.8" x 18.5 42.7

Product Options

  Edge Casters Edge casters - Heavy duty, two inch, wheels provide easy transport for even the most difficult of loads. The Footlocker Case caster option is for two edge casters.
Locking Hasp Locking hasps area a standard feature - Secure you gear with padlockable hasps.
  1. Happy with Footlocker Review by Tyler Schmidt

    Own one of the larger footlockers and couldn't be happier still to this day. (Posted on 10/14/15)

  2. awesome Review by military brat (that just means 1 of my parants is in the military)

    Is amazing for living on a navy seal base. Strong, sturdy in olive. (Posted on 1/30/14)

  3. Incredible Trunk Review by Pat From Missouri City, TX

    These trunks are incredible. Having wasted my money on standard wood framed trunks in the past to have them explode on delivery from the airlines, I needed a better solution. We use them for our kids summer camp. Everything about the trunks are beyond comparison to the rest of the market! I will never need to buy trunks again! Awesome customer service as well!!! (Posted on 7/26/13)

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