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The number one choice of the American warfighter.

ECS Case has provided best-in-class packaging solutions to the US Military since 1954.  Today ECS offers a full line of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products as well as the most advanced custom solutions available.

Military` Cases, 463L from ECS Case

Featured Products:

  • Loadmaster® Portable Rackmount Case

    Loadmaster® Rackmount

    Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases are engineered for ruggedized performance and manufactured from durable TSC reinforced composite materials for maximum portable rackmount case protection.

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    Large scale composite fiberglass containers that can house very large pieces of equipment for storage and shipping.

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  • Loadmaster Glock Pistol Case

    Loadmaster® Glock 20 Pistol Case

    Watertight, ruggedized Loadmaster® case with cushion system designed to securely transport your Glock 20 pistol.

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  • Custom Cases from ECS Case

    Military Custom Cases

    FRP composite cases are ideal for complex requirements. Composite materials allow total design flexibility for military and industrial shipping cases.

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  • Loadmaster® Single Lid Cases  from ECS Case

    Loadmaster® Single Lid

    Ruggedized reusable shipping containers with modular stackability. Patented modular stacking system is the most effective case stacking solution available

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  • Custom Orange FRP Rackmount  Case

    Custom FRP Rackmount

    Designed for unique requirements, custom FRP Rackmount Cases are the ideal balance of rugged durability, sizing options and effective shock and vibration protection.

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