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Loadmaster Shipping Cases


Patented Loadmaster® Shipping Cases are completely modular in all dimensions. Shipping cases of different sizes securely stack and interlock in any grouping for maximum stacking efficiency. Case dimensions change length and width in 4.2-inch increments and height in 4-inch increments. Learn more.

ECS Loadmaster Single lid Cases
Single Lid Cases
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For the first time a truly user-friendly set of case sizes is available for military and commercial users. Rugged, cutting edge and built of high quality materials for lasting perfromance. We manufacture all of our tooling, molds and cushions for cases we build. ECS is family owned and proudly made in America.

 Loadmaster® Shipping Cases are ideal for use on 463L military pallets as well as compatible with JMIC shipping containers.  All shipping cases have:

  • Ergonomic polymer handles
  • Field replaceable hardware
  • Molded-in inserts to eliminate leak paths. 
  • Perfect 90 degree angle walls which maximize interior volume and stacking efficiency
  • Recessed hardware
  • Performance tested to MIL-STD 810G as well as other extreme tests
  • Custom options include edge casters, fire retardant resin, various colors, foam liners and tote handles
  • Contact us for customized options

Featured Products: Loadmaster® Shipping Cases are available in a variety of sizes and options.