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Holds One M4, a Broken Down Shotgun or a Short Barrel Rifle + magazines

Weight: 29 lbs
Exterior dimensions: 38.2" x 13.2" x 10.7"
Interior rifle openings: Two 33.2" x 2" x 7" openings
Interior accessory openings: Three 8" x 2" x 6" openings

Standard features include:

2-Pack Rifle Cases Exterior dimensions Interior openings Weight
2-Pack up to 44" 52"L x 10"W x 11" H Two 44"L openings 25 lbs
2-pack up to 47" 52"L x 10"W x 11" H Two 47"L openings 25 lbs
2-Pack + Accessories to 33" 38"L x 13"W x 11"H Two 33"L plus three 8"L 29 lbs
2-Pack + Accessories to 44" 52"L x 13"W x 11"H Two 44"L plus three 13"L 33 lbs
Other Rifle Cases
Rifle + Magazines Case 38"L x 13"W x 11"H Two 33"L plus three 8"L 29 lbs
3-Pack Rifle Case 52"L x 13"W x 11"H Three 47"L openings 28 lbs
Loadmaster® 8-Pack M4 37.6" L x 33.4" W x 16" H Eight 32.25"L openings 64 lbs



Heavy-duty, two-inch wheels provide easy transport for even the most difficult of loads.

Custom Cushions

Individual cushion designs are created by ECS engineers to satisfy the shock and vibration protection requirements of each piece of equipment in an ECS case.

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