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Size, Weight and Protection

With the drive toward small - form - factor, modular equipment coupled with the need for rugged protection during transportation, operation, and storage, ECS has developed packaging solutions to accommodate the need for size, weight and protection. As equipment platforms are becoming smaller and lighter weight, ECS continues to set the standard. Our Fusion Third Rack offers the same rugged support as our 19” Rackmount inner frames, which ECS invented in 1969, and Half Rack inner frames. Yet, it is flexible in accommodating modular systems in just about any configuration or requirement. The new Fusion Third Rack is platform independent - whether it is mounted and protected in our Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases, Carbon Fiber toteable ATA cases, or supported in our Loadmaster® Rotomold Cases. Loadmaster® Half Rack Cases are the toughest, lightest, most protective, portable military electronic enclosures for smaller equipment anywhere. They are extremely durable in any environment. The slide-out rack can be unlatched and removed from the outer case when the rack is empty or when it is filled with electronic equipment. Slide-out 9.5-inch racks allow unlimited access to electronic equipment during installation, integration, and maintenance. When it comes to size, weight and protection, ECS has got you covered.

Popular Options to Customize Your Container

FRP Custom Rackmount Cases are the ulitmate in design flexibility and can be configured in thousands of configurations for your case needs. Here are some of the most popular options. Please contact us to design a case for your specifications.


Heavy-duty, two-inch wheels provide easy transport for even the most difficult of loads.


Zippered storage pouches are mounted inside rackmount case lids. Pouches are typically used for storing cables, keyboards, removable casters, manuals and other loose items. They are durably sewn, using black nylon fabric. Pouches are available to fit a range of rack heights, including small (3-5U), medium (6-8U) and large (9-20U). Pouches are attached using snaps, which allow for easy removal and reinstallation, or they may be permanently installed by ECS using rivets.


Storage drawers are an ideal addition and are useful for storing items such as catalogs, tools, test equipment, etc. Drawer contents are protected by a hinged security lid. Drawers fit standard 19-inch rackmount enclosures. They include full extension slides and all mounting hardware. Sizes range from 3.50-inch (2U) through 10.50-inch (6U) in height and 14.00, 18.00 and 24.00 inches in depth. Colors are black and clear anodize. Custom sizes are available as an option.


If rackmounted equipment isn’t slide mountable, L-bars are the right choice for installation into ECS rackmount frames. Vertically adjustable, extruded aluminum L-bars will support equipment along the entire front-to-back depth of the equipment, to eliminate damage from cantilevered loads. L-bars are available in seven standard lengths, one length for each ECS rackmount case depth. They are shipped in pairs (2 each) and include fully adjustable Unistrut mounting hardware.

Lid Hangers

ECS supplies standard and custom fabricated hinges for many different applications. Most ECS hinges are stainless steel, for which ECS can provide unique hole patterns and mounting features.

  • Piano hinges are available in continuous lengths up to 48-inches.
  • They are available in light weight, medium weight and heavy weight styles.
  • Take apart hinges slip apart to allow quick removal of lids and covers from cases.
  • Stay hinges can be supplied to hold hinged cases open.

Custom Branding

ECS enclosures are available in a multitude of different colors, the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) series has over 60 colors.

Custom Patterns

A multitude of designs may be integrated into the FRP case exterior for special uses and appearance.


ECS enclosures are available in a multitude of different colors, the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) series has over 60 colors.

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